Fundamental Courses

During an eight-week period, from mid-October to mid-December, students must choose at least three courses, each accounting for 6 ECTS in the S3 semester. Each course consists of three hours per week, over eight weeks, for a total of twenty-four hours. Each course may be completed by one or two tutorial sessions of two or three hours.

The courses chosen by students should correspond to the recommendations for each Major, if not they will be chosen in conjunction with the course coordinator. Students are reminded that their Major will be chosen at the end of the "Basic Courses" period.

Major Course title Lecturer(s) Course Code
ANEDP COCV MEM MBIO Analyse théorique et numérique des équations hyperboliques Amaury Hayat, Alexandre Ern MU5MAM41
ANEDP MEM Cinetic models and hydrodynamic limits François Golse MU5MAM28
AMM COCV MBIO SDEDP Control in Finite and Infinite Dimension Emmanuel Trélat MU5MAM53
ANEDP MEM EDP et modélisation Frédéric Legoll MU5MAM92
AMM ANEDP COCV MBIO Elliptic equations Hoai-Minh Nguyen MU5MAM47
ANEDP HPC From EDP to their resolution by finite elements Didier Smets MU5MAM30
ANEDP HPC SDEDP High performance computing for numerical methods and data analysis Laura Grigori, Emile Parolin MU5MAM29
AMM ANEDP COCV Introduction to evolution PDE Katharina Schratz MU5MAM12
MBIO Mathematical methods in Ecology and in Biology Luis Almeida MU5MAM03
COCV SDEDP Méthodes du premier ordre pour l'optimisation non convexe et non lisse Pauline Tan MU5MAM71
ANEDP COCV SDEDP Optimisation sous contraintes d’EDP Beniamin Bogosel
AMM ANEDP PDE and randomness : a few examples Antoine Gloria MU5MAM40
AMM ANEDP MEM MBIO Probabilistic Numerical Methods Julien Reygner MU5MAM35
ANEDP HPC SDEDP Quelques grands algorithmes d’hier et d’aujourd’hui Bruno Després (coordinator)
ANEDP SDEDP Réduction de dimension linéaire et nonlinéaire Applications aux EDP, problèmes inverses et science des données Albert Cohen
MBIO Some Mathematical Methods for the Neurosciences Quentin Cormier & Romain Veltz MU5MAM22
MBIO Statistics and Learning Irina Kourkova MU5MAA06
COCV MBIO Structured equations in biology Delphine Salort MU5MAM70
ANEDP MEM HPC Variational approximations of PDEs Yvon Maday MU5MAM36