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M2 Mathématiques & Applications (Sorbonne Université)

Mathematical modelling and randomness

Course coordinator : A. Gloria

The Major degree Partial Differential Equations and randomness (AMM) is one of the Majors proposed by the speciality Mathematics of Modelling, second year of the Masters in Mathematics and Applications.

Probabilistic aspects are more and more important in mathematical modelling, which leads to interactions between analysis and probability.

The main degree AMM aims at educating:

The AMM Major's key topic is the theoretical and numerical study of problems described by linear and nonlinear partial differential equations with randomness or uncertainties. The recent development of uncertainty quantification and of random inputs in PDEs make probability more and more important in the field of PDE analysis and simulation. The courses offered cover the following fields:

It is possible to follow courses offered by other master programs, in consultation with the professor in charge of this major, and in particular from the master program in probabilities and random models at Sorbonne Université :

Intitule du cours Professeur-e-s Type CodeUE
PDE and randomness : a few examples Antoine Gloria Fundamental MU5MAM40
Elliptic equations Hoai-Minh Nguyen Fundamental MU5MAM47
Introduction to evolution PDE Katharina Schratz Fundamental MU5MAM12
Probabilistic Numerical Methods Julien Reygner Fundamental MU5MAM35
Control in Finite and Infinite Dimension Emmanuel Trélat Fundamental MU5MAM53
PDE and randomness II Antoine Gloria (coordinator), Yvain Bruned, Paul Dario, Felix Otto Specialised
Limites de champ moyen Sylvia Serfaty Specialised
Jeux à champ moyen Charles Bertucci Specialised MU5MAM88
Mathematical methods and numerical analysis for molecular simulation. Gabriel Stoltz Specialised MU5MAM38
Probabilistic models in the neurosciences Michèle Thieullen Specialised MU5MAM51