Science for everyone

Popularization activities at laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

The members of the laboratory are involved in several outreach activities for audiences ranging from the general public to young students interested in mathematics, including articles for the general public as well as conferences aimed at young mathematics students.

Recurring events

Séminaire Aromath

The seminar was created by Ayman Moussa in 2014. The idea is to invite a mathematician to talk about mathematics that interest them, focusing on a theme that is beautiful, entertaining, and, in any case, accessible to undergraduate math students. At a rate of one session per month, it can attract up to a hundred students. The recent presentation in January 2024 was led by Amandine Aftalion (EHESS) and Antoine Le Hyaric (LJLL). It focused on the application of mathematics for optimizing sports performance.

Stages collégiens

Every year, junior high school students are welcomed to Sorbonne University for their last-year internship. The laboratory members participate in their welcome by giving them tours of the facilities, offering mathematical-themed games, and even giving interviews about their profession.

Fête de la science

Several members of the laboratory are involved in the Science Fair either by hosting booths with mathematical games on campus or by giving presentations in primary or secondary schools.

Podcast « Tête à tête chercheuse(s) »

Nathalie Ayi hosts a podcast where she conducts interviews with her fellow researchers. They discuss their profession, their career paths… The podcast aims to attract a wider audience to mathematics by presenting a closer and more vibrant image of mathematical research. Nathalie Ayi is also an ambassador for the Poincaré House.

Journées « Filles, maths et info, une équation lumineuse »

Since 2009, the associations Animath and Femmes & Mathématiques co-organize these events several times a year all over France. In 2020, with the transition to digital, some sessions were organized via video conference.
These events work towards greater gender diversity in scientific and technical fields. They are organized by the associations Femmes & Mathématiques ( and Animath (, with the assistance of the Blaise Pascal Foundation (
They promote careers related to mathematics and computer science through conferences, workshops on scientific careers, and meetings with professionals.
Nina Aguillon, Nathalie Ayi, Daphné Giorgi (LPSM), Fanny Pascual (LIP6) and Maud Thomas (LPSM) co-organized the2023 edition.

Several events in 2023 supported by the LJLL

Séminaire mathématic park

The seminar takes place every Saturday at the Henri Poincaré Institute. It is aimed at university students (all levels) and those in preparatory classes, as well as teachers in high schools, preparatory classes, or universities. Its purpose is to present mini-courses on various topics in mathematics, each lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Nina Aguillon and Pierre Monmarché are part of the organizing committee. Ayman Moussa spoke there in September 2023.

Month of Applied and Industrial Mathematics by SMAI –

The M2AI is co-organized by SMAI and LJLL, with the aim of disseminating knowledge to the general public.
Among its organizers were Nina Aguillon, Xavier Claeys, Bruno Després, Yvon Maday, and Ayman Moussa. Among the four speakers were Chloé Audebert and Anne-Laure Dalibard.

Presentation on Climate: Climate Emergency: How to Act at an Individual and Collective Level?

Organized by Ayman Moussa, with an intervention by Corentin Loyer (doctoral student at LJLL).

Journée maths en mouvement « à l’eau les maths »

The conference explored the role of mathematics in understanding various water-related issues, through presentations accessible from undergraduate studies or the first year of preparatory classes for engineering schools. Organisateur : Jacques Sainte-Marie (INRIA , LJLL). Intervention by Nina Aguillon.