Sustainable Development Committee

The Sustainable Development Committee, made up of permanent and non-permanent members, is a think-tank for environmental and sustainable development issues. He is responsible for assessing the laboratory’s carbon footprint and proposing concrete actions to reduce its environmental impact.

The members of the Sustainable Development Committee are currently

  • Luis Almeida,
  • Corentin Audiard,
  • Hajer Bahouri,
  • Valeria Banica,
  • Guillaume Garnier,
  • Lucas Journel
  • Pierre Monmarché,
  • Federica Padovano,
  • Diane Peurichard
  • Marie Postel,
  • Nastassia Pouradier Duteil,
  • Mario Sigalotti.
Comité développement durable

For more information :
Labos1.5 website
Insmi’s Scientific Advisory Board has produced a number of documents on the environmental impact of research activities:

Computer tool, June 2022.
Everyday laboratory, January 2022.
Transport, January 2022.
discover the impact of digital technology on the climate
discover the impact of furniture purchases on the climate

To take action :
Don’t use disposable crockery for coffee or lunch.
Bring your extra coffee cups to the lab kitchen.

You can avoid throwing away items you no longer need or recover items to avoid buying new ones (computer equipment, furniture…) and better sort your waste thanks to the systems set up on campus:

If you need to send a document to several recipients, especially a mailing list, don’t attach it. Upload it to a file server and send a download link to your recipients.
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