Olivier Bokanowski
Associate Professor at University Paris Cité (Ex. Paris-Diderot / Paris 7)

Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions (UMR 7598)

Bureau 5024, UFR de Mathématiques
Bâtiment Sophie Germain, 8 place Aurélie Nemours 75205 Paris CEDEX 13

LJLL at Sorbonne université (Ex.Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie / Paris 6)
(3rd floor) - 15-25 - 4, place Jussieu, Paris 5ème

Tel: (33) 1 57 27 91 19 Sec:  (33) 1 57 27 xx xx  (92 95: secrétariat /  93 16: N. Bergame / 55 55: secrétariat)
Email:   olivier.bokanowski at u-paris.fr


Current research interests
  • Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equations for deterministic and stochastic optimal control, state constraints, reachability
  • Anti-diffusive schemes, discontinuous galerkin schemes, sparse and sparsegrids approaches for HJB equations, Neural networks
  • Industrial applications (space launchers, collision avoidance, trajectory planification)

cube front propagation on the surface of a parallelipedic domain

Code (PDE Solver):  Parallel d-dimensional c++ solver for Reachability and Optimal Control using Hamilton-Jacobi equations Related groups:
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Deterministic Controller Design - SADCO
  • HJnet
  • COSS
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    Research papers :
    • O. Bokanowski, X. Warin Neural networks for differential games, arXiv
    • O. Bokanowski, A. Prost, X. Warin Neural networks for first order HJB equations and application to front propagation with obstacle terms, arXiv Partial Differential Equations and Applications, 2023, vol. 4, issue 5, 1-36 link
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    • O. Bokanowski, N. Gammoudi, H. Zidani, Optimistic Planning Algorithms for State-Constrainted optimal control problems, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 109(1):158-179, (2022) PDF  HAL
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    • O. Bokanowski, E. Bourgeois, A. Désilles, H. Zidani, New improvements in the optimization of the launcher ascent trajectory through the HJB approach. Proceedings EUCASS 2017
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    • pdf  (full version)
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    • ... etc.

    Contracts, applied collaborations

    - 2021-2024: PGMO "Neural networks and decomposition strategies for Bellman equations"

    - 2017-2019: CNES/ENSTA

    - 2015-2017: DGA/ENSTA

    - 2012-2015: DGA/ENSTA, Planification de trajectoire par approche HJB : atteignabilité et évitement d'obstacle", with H. Zidani & A. Desilles

    - 2009-2011:  HPC Project / INRIA "BiNoPe-HJ:  original numerical libraries for HJ equations", with H. Zidani & N. Forcadel

    - 2006-2010: CNES/INRIA, "HJB approach for trajectory optimisation for space launchers" with H. Zidani & P. Martinon

    Teaching ==> ooo <==

    All truth passes through three stages :
    First, it is ridiculed
    Second, it is violently opposed
    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident
    (Schopenhauer 1788-1860)

    Example of target problems (animations)

    Car target problem with obstacles

    With drift

     More obstacles, and drift

    Moving target and obstacle

    Reachable set with obstacle