Some publications of Olivier Pironneau   in .pdf format

Olivier Pironneau. : Calibration of a Fluid-Structure Problem with Keras To appear in the proceedingss of CSMA Jyvaskyla June 2019

Olivier Pironneau. : Calibration of Heston Model with Keras To appear in the proceedingss of ``Financial Mathematics La Coruna'' July 2019

Olivier Pironneau. : An Energy stable Monolithic Eulerian Fluid-Structure Numerical Scheme with compressible materials. To appear in P.G. Ciarlet 80th birthday volume (2018)

Chiang Chen-Yu1, Olivier Pironneau, Tony W. H. Sheu, Marc Thiriet. : Numerical Study of a 3D Eulerian Monolithic Formulation for Incompressible Fluid-Structures. accepté dans FLUIDS, 2017 (MPDI press)

Sébastien Geeraert, Charles-Albert Lehalle, Barak Pearlmutter, Olivier Pironneau, Adil Reghai. : Mini-symposium on automatic differentiation and its applications in the financial industry ESAIM: Proceedings, EDP Sciences, 2017

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Guillaume Sall, Gilles Pages and Olivier Pironneau : Vibrato and Automatic Differentiation for High Order Derivatives and Sensitivities of Financial Options Journal of Computational Finance Vol 22, No 2, pp 1-34 ( Sept 2018)

Tomas Chacon-Rebollo, Vivette Girault, François Murat, Olivier Pironneau. : Analysis of a Simplified Coupled Fluid-Structure Model for Computational Hemodynamics SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 54 (2016), no. 2, 994–1019.

Mathieu Lauriere and Olivier Pironneau : Dynamic programming for mean-field type control J. Optim. Theory Appl. 169 (2016), no. 3, 902–924.

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Olivier Pironneau : Differentiable Shape Optimization for Fluids Lecture notes at VKI session on Optimal Shape Design. Rhodes-St_Genese, Belgium, March 2014.

Yaji, Kentaro; Otomori, Masaki; Yamada, Takayuki; Izui, Kazuhiro; Nishiwaki, Shinji; Pironneau, Olivier : Shape and topology optimization based on the convected level set method. Struct. Multidiscip. Optim. 54 (2016), no. 3, 659–672.

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Kirill G. Pichon and Olivier Pironneau : Pressure Boundary Conditions for Blood Flow Manuscript submitted to AIMS’ Journals Volume X, Number 0X, XX 2014

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Olivier Pironneau : Pricing Futures by Deterministic Methods Acta Numerica (2012), pp 577-671.

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Georges-Henri Cottet, Patrick Mascart, Olivier Pironneau : Mathematiques appliquees et climat dans "Le Climat à découvert. Outils et méthodes en recherche climatique", sous la direction de Catherine Jeandel et Rémy Mosseri, CNRS Éditions, 2011

Frederic Alauzet and Olivier Pironneau : Continuous and Discrete Adjoints to the Euler Equations for Fluids Int. J. Numer. Meth. for Fluids (2012); 70:135-157.

Frederic Alauzet Bijan Mohammadi and Olivier Pironneau : Mesh Adaptivity and Optimal Shape Design for Aerospace Variational Analysis and Aerospace Eng. II (August 2011). To appear in the series "Springer Optimization and Its Applications".

Olivier Pironneau : Reduced Basis for Vanilla and Basket Options To be published in Risk and Decision Analysis (sent March 2011)

Olivier Pironneau : Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Pricing. Journal of Computational Finance (2012). p1-14, vol 16 No 1.

Rama Cont, Nicolas Lantos and Olivier Pironneau : A Reduced Basis for Option Pricing J. SIAM on Financial Mathematics. Vol. 2, pp. 287–316 (2011).

Alexei Lozinski and Olivier Pironneau : Numerical Zoom for Advection Diffusion Problems with Localized Multiscales Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Volume 27, Issue 1, pages 197–207, January 2011

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